The ZELLATON membrane has been the benchmark for true-to-life music reproduction for more than 75 years. The complex three-layer membrane structure overcomes the disadvantages of various systems from other manufacturers - with ZELLATON you will hear your favorite music exactly as it was recorded.

The ZELLATON membranes are individually manufactured by ZELLATON co-founder Manuel Podszus, involving a delicate and sophisticated manual procedure. They are exclusively used in the original ZELLATON systems.

The special ZELLATON hard foam membrane is characterized by piston-like vibrations far into the inaudible range, and thus it holographically conveys the aura of the music in three dimensions – this for the first time enables the reproduction of also the high frequency range. More than 30 years of development have gone into the current version of the high frequency speaker.

The manufacturing process itself is comparable with the production of a highest quality musical instrument and with the lengthy procedure of tuning the instrument perfectly.

All drivers from ZELLATON have a specially balanced membran. In an extremely time-consuming procedure they are individually tuned in the speaker housing.

This kind of "fine adjustment" is probably unique worldwide.

Therefore, each chassis is absolutely one-of-a-kind!


Our multilayered configuration and the housing’s timeless design as well as the dedicated materials were selected in years of engineering work in our quest to provide our chassis with an optimal basis. The manufacture of the loudspeaker cabinet and the special multi-layer polyester coating resemble those of a grand piano, however with the decisive difference that this lacquer is much more durable than classical piano finish.


High efficiency and fundamentally low controlled bass reproduction are basically antipodes. All loudspeaker developers are confronted with this problem.

At ZELLATON we have chosen a solution that mostly overcomes the known disadvantages:
A small, extremely fast bass that guarantees the best impulse response and, unlike large diaphragms, blends in perfectly with the music.

Even bass runs of simultaneously playing instruments are reproduced precisely and true to detail as well as with extraordinary locating sharpness.

The housing is open at the rear and dampened with a flow resistance ensures perfect music reproduction without compression.


The production of an excellent full-cone tweeter is the greatest challenge in loudspeaker construction, which is why it is extremely rare on the market.

The ZELLATON tweeter with hard foam cone works up to well over 40 kHz almost without partial vibration.

In order to achieve this goal, each individual loudspeaker is tuned, which takes several days due to the drying-time of the finish. Extensive measurements are carried out after each production step. The coatings are applied partially until the result is almost perfect.

This is extremely elaborate manual work resulting in a truly outstanding sound.

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